Hostel Centar Srbija, Beograd, от 1054din


10km из аэропорта

1m от центра

100m от реки

50m из банкоматов

50m из магазинов

10m od kafića

300m от дискотеке

50m из почтового отделения

50m из ресторанов

50m от железнодорожной станции

1,2km от ZOO

100m от автовокзала


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Прайс-лист : Hostel Centar

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Минимум 1054din 1054din
Максимум 1din 1din
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Описание объекта : Hostel Centar

We think that our hostel represents a new category in the Serbian hostel market. We consider ourselves a premium hostel. Our goal is to establish a youth Belgrade hostel, which is neither a hotel nor a hostel and at the same time it possesses the advantages of both types of accommodation. The hostel has a holding capacity of 60 persons and is situated in an interesting building complex, which has lunch area and super-market. For the comfort of our guests there are 6 lounge areas connected into one big space for hanging out.

The Belgrade Hostel Centar is a really cool, cozy and affordable hostel right in the city center of Belgrade.

Why choose us for your holidays in Belgrade? Please see four main things we are very proud of:

Location:We consider our location to be our strongest point. The HostelCentar is located in the downtown Belgrade. Best of all, taxi and public transport are not required to reach most of the major sites or tourist attractions. Due to our excellent location our hostel is right in the middle of the nightlife of Belgrade and at the same time the rooms are protected from the noise of the streets, which provides ideal circumstances for sleeping or chilling out.

Public transport: The hostel is located on the direct bus line to the airport, the main railway and bus stations as well. From the hostel you can reach all the transport points in five minute's walk.
To travel in Belgrade, at your disposal are tram which is 50m, bus 100m, sightseeing-boat 500m, train station 100m from hostel.

Tourist destinations, sights: All the famous sights of the city can be reached by taking a few steps out the door. Big central market Zeleni Venac, pedestrian area Knez Mihajlova, theaters and museums, Roman fortress Kalemegdan, bohemian quarter Skadarlija are all at walking distance.

Party places, pleasure-grounds, pubs:
Why do we usually call our hostel a youth hostel? We are just footsteps away from the pulsating city centre, so bars, pubs, party places, open summer clubs and restaurants are at our doorstep, so you can enjoy your time here without restraint. It’s definitely one of the best youth hostels in Belgrade.


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